What Are Oswego City Games?

The City of Oswego, Oswego City-County Youth Bureau and iHeartOswego will host three, at-home and at-work Fall & Winter "City Games", for families and businesses alike starting in October.

There will be three contests in all. First up is the “Crazy Scarecrow Creations”, being judged on October 10th. November will be Crazy Christmas Tree Decorating (in any theme) with judging on November 14th and finally, Crazy Winter Window Decorating in December, judging on the 11th.

These contests were created in order to give the families the incentive to work together on projects during the shelter-at-home, family time and why not? You'll be decorating anyway! Businesses are also encouraged to participate as the games coincide with the holiday in-store decorating you would normally do during the Fall and Winter holiday time.

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